The updated Volvo FH cab interior: built with the driver in mind

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Driver feedback was key to the updated Volvo FH and FH16 truck cab interior. As soon as you get behind the wheel it’s clear that the improvements create a safer and much more comfortable, user-friendly driver experience.
The updated cab interior of the Volvo FH and Volvo FH16
Several improvements, including a new, fully digitalised instrument panel and slimmer I-Shift gear lever feature in the updated cab interior of the Volvo FH and Volvo FH16.

An array of new features and functions await those who step into the new Volvo FH and FH16 cabs. Each and every one of them developed to meet the increasing needs of today’s long-haul driver.  

"All of our improvements are a direct result of customer feedback. Our ultimate aim was to make the FH and FH16 cabs a driver’s dream – a home-away-from-home on long-haul assignments with new features that really benefit the person sitting behind the wheel,” says Tomas Thuresson, Volvo Trucks Commercialisation Manager.

One of the most obvious updates is the new instrument display and intuitive side display. Both are now fully digitalised and more user friendly as a result. An ambient, white halo light on the main display turns green in sync with the indicators,

Tomas Thuresson, Commercialisation Manager
Optional digital side display that can, for instance, show navigation, Dynafleet, radio and up to four cameras at the same time.

amber to alert drivers of a problem, and red if there is a serious issue and the truck should be stopped. Moreover, the navigation is now displayed on the main cluster in addition to the side panel, so there’s no need for drivers to avert their eyes from the road. 

“Safety remains a priority. Among other updates, we have introduced a corner camera that dramatically improves visibility on the passenger side. The new LED headlights with adaptive high beam also greatly improve visibility when driving at night,” adds Tomas Thuresson.

We haven’t changed anything for the sake of it, instead we’ve focussed on what was needed and what our customers asked us to change.
Optional second fridge and additional storage for long-haul living

Further improvements include a redesigned dashboard centre section that is more robust, and an enhanced button layout and functionality on the steering wheel.

In response to customer demand, a more slimline I-Shift gear lever unit has been lowered and positioned further forward to ensure smoother gear changes.

The addition of a third USB connection point, an optional, firmer foam mattress and a new dashboard surface that’s easier to clean are also features that have been introduced for a more comfortable long-haul living experience.

“A lot of attention to detail, passion and expertise has gone into these updates. We haven’t changed anything for the sake of it, instead we’ve focussed on what was needed and what our customers asked us to change. The result is a complete package that puts the comfort and safety of the driver first,” says Tomas Thuresson. 


Steering wheel: New button layout and functionality.

Dynamic instrument display: Fully digitalized, user friendly interface with four personalized settings, road sign recognition and LED alert system. 

Passenger corner camera: Digitalized and dramatically improves visibility of the passenger near side.

Dashboard surface: New material that is easier to clean.

Centre Section: Robust, sturdier design with increased storage possibilities.

AGM/Dual battery system: Greatly improved AGM single battery with better crank possibilities. Optional dual battery system for higher energy consumption on long-haul assignments.

New I-Shift gear lever unit: Slimmer, lower and positioned further forward in harmony with its surroundings.


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